TaxiArgos | Myth: Taxi Service in Greece is expensive
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Myth: Taxi Service in Greece is expensive

Everyone believes that taxi transportation in Greece  is an expensive way to make your transport. Well for sure it is not for free but is it more expensive that car rental? That’s not always the case. Let’s make a more intimate examination.taxifacebook

Case Study:

Lets assume you have 10 days of vacation in Nafplio.

Lets assume that a car rental will charge you a cost of 35 euros per day for renting the car.

Lets assume you will make about 20 km per day, you will drive about 25 klm per day, you will need about 5 Euros of gas per day additionally you will need about 50 euros of gas in order to get from the airport to Nafplio and back to the airport.

The minimum transport cost of your vacation will be 450 Euros and we assume that you are a well trained driver that can read and understand Greek signs, you know the roads you are going to travel or at least you have a gps with you and that you have good parking skills.

Remember that take it for granted that the car is well maintained has an active insurance policy and is in a safety condition that can take you along 700 -1000 klm that you will cover in your vacation.

Lets say that you book your vacations with

taxiargoslost-heroadA experienced driver will wait to pick you up from the airport and take you directly to Nafplio with a car that is air conditioned haw free wifi on board. You wont get lost you don’t need to take short cuts looking for gas, you don’t need even to pay attention to the road you can chat with your smartphone view you favorite show or enjoy the ride.

You will get to your hotel within two hours and you don’t have to test your parking skils.

Lets assume that you like to swim 10 klm away from Nafplio. With you can book an appointment for the driver to wait for you or you can call him 10 minutes before to come and pick you up (with a car that is already pre-cooled) and get you to the beach (no need to get into you rent car parked into the sunny spot you found last night and has also a parking ticket because in the evening there was a farmers market and you didn’t pay attention to the sign).

The last day of you vacation you like do some sight seeing and get to an archeological site of Agolis. With a professional driver will pick you up at a prearranged time ( can also inform you about the opening hours of the archeological sights) from you hotel you get you to the requested place. There our driver will wait for you (no additional parking or waiting fees charged) to complete your guide tour and get you to the next destination. Again you don’t need to get a GPS with you don’t need to search for parking spot and you don’t need get into the hot car.

At you departure from the hotel our experienced driver will wait to pick you up from the hotel and drive you to the airport. you don’t need to start two hours earlier to be sure that you will not get lost in your way and still have time to check out to rental office.

If you select to use for your transportation for all mentioned above it will not get more than 450 Euros.

So the next time yo want to transport for your trip just take a quotation from it is worth it.




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